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Despite increased cyber-risk awareness, poor password hygiene still rules

New research has revealed that even though people are now more aware of security best practices than in the past, their password management has remained largely unchanged.

Ransomware has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary -

- but rising awareness is not enough to address the cyber-threat. Robust procedures must be put in place to protect data and fulfil organisations' responsibility to customers and staff.

38% of small business spend 0 on security; only 5% think they're attacked

91 percent of small businesses report that they have not been attacked, and only five percent admit they have; 38 percent spent nothing whatsoever to protect themselves from cyber-security threats this financial year.

Can your employees identify a phishing attack?

Latest round of cyber-attacks underscore the need for regular security awareness training says Eldon Sprickerhoff.

How can the legal industry address the threat of online scams?

More than a quarter of law firms in England and Wales were targeted by fraudsters in 2016, with most attempted scams taking place online, but there are a number of steps which can be taken to prevent attacks says Peter Groucutt

Companies need to adopt a culture-shift to ensure cyber-threat awareness

To combat cyber-attacks we need to look at a cultural change within the company and shunt Cyber Security higher up the agenda. A great start could be ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management standard says Tim Schraider.

Most corporate information systems are just two steps away from failure

The level of security of Wi-Fi networks and user awareness regarding information security has fallen significantly; a Positive Technologies security audit says mostly due to common vulnerabilities not needing much skill to implement.

Lack of process, security culture leaving firms open to cyber-attack

A new QinetiQ white paper warns firms that security training alone will not change employee behaviours.

BT patrons complain - locked out of email for over a week by passwords flaw

BT customers are complaining about chronic authentication issues that are blocking access to email and billing accounts. To expedite things, the help desk is asking for clients' full passwords, according to two customers.

Global survey says security of IoT devices is inadequate in the UK

A large quantity of the UK's information security professionals believe that adequate measures are not in place to properly secure IoT devices.

Security awareness training should 'change how people think'

Security awareness training must be high on the agenda of best practice when companies fight off cyber threats, experts concluded at the SC Congress London.

SC Congress London: Bottom-up security awareness has C-level benefits

A stellar panel of infosec experts told a packed audience at SC Congress London on Thursday that security awareness can play an integral role in educating C-suite on threats coming from inside and outside the company.

Will your business be a board walking empire?

There should be a better connect between the board, security team and employees - sound familiar?

Office workers see daily phishing messages, with some hit ten times a day

A significant portion of office workers receive phishing emails at work during the working day.

Eighty-eight per cent of companies don't believe they are vulnerable to external cyber threats

Companies in technology, media and telecommunications demonstrate a lack of seriousness to external cyber threats.