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Strengths: Full-function UTM with many integration capabilities

Weaknesses: Few technical support options and difficult to configure in certain areas

Verdict: If you can develop your own support for this, it is worth a close look

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The aXs Guard Gatekeeper from Vasco is a full-function UTM appliance. This product has functionality to keep internet viruses and worms from infecting the enterprise, full web content filtering and monitoring, and protection of the network against outside attacks with firewall and IPS.

However, where this product really shines is its mail management feature set. This appliance has a robust spam filter and filters email through two independent anti-virus filters, one supported by ClamAV and the other by Trend Micro.

It is not a simple install and configuration is completely manual, with no help from wizards. All configuration and management is done using the web-based GUI. This GUI is confusing and awkward to use. We found ourselves many times going round in circles trying to get connectivity configured.

However, this product is capable of a high level of policy granularity. Policies can be configured as broad or as narrow as needed and can contain any number of combinations of various users and groups. This appliance can also tie in with Vasco's multi-factor authentication modules to provide solid authentication security both inside and outside the enterprise.

Documentation is in the form of a paper getting-started guide and several PDF manuals available via the GUI. The getting-started guide illustrates the initial configuration steps and the setting up of zones such as internet and LAN. Of the various other guides, we found the most important to be the administrator guide. This provides a great amount of detail for advanced configuration. All manuals had many screenshots and detailed configuration examples.

Vasco offers one-year hardware warranty and three months of updates free. It also offers various support contract options, including phone technical support. There is also a small support area on the website, which includes an FAQ section.

At a price starting at around £680, we find this product to be average value for money.

While it does offer some nice features, we found it difficult and awkward to use at times and support for the product is average, with few options.

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