Axway has announced the launch of a secure collaboration gateway and platform to enable secure file sharing.

Named the MailGate SC with DropZone, it said that it provides enterprises with a secure method to share files, email messages and interact with internal and external collaborators from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

It offers a single administrative interface for complete control over email and file sharing, while a sophisticated internal policy engine and integration with external data loss prevention systems via ICAP allows administrators to apply detailed policies to what is allowed to be shared over both email and file sharing collaboration. It also includes multiple encrypted email delivery options and at-rest encryption for all sensitive information.

Mike Dayton, senior vice president of security solutions at Axway, said: “Most employees don't even realise they are putting the enterprise at risk by using unsecured collaboration tools. We are pleased to provide the enterprise with a unified, secure alternative to the plethora of uncontrolled, cloud based file sharing services and email tools that are cropping up in the workplace.

“ Axway MailGate SC with DropZone enables users to easily collaborate without the risks inherent in these services. As the secure collaboration market segment continues to grow, Axway's secure collaboration platform will enable overall efficiency, flexibility and improved business productivity for security-conscious enterprises.”