Back Doors News, Articles and Updates

New cross-platform backdoor 'Qrypter' RAT gaining prominence among hackers

A relatively recently launched (two years ago) Java-based remote access tool dubbed "Qrypter" is gaining popularity over existing cross-platform backdoors such as Adwind as an efficient Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform.

Sowbug APT uses Felismus backdoor to for cyber-espionage operations

A previously unknown cyber-espionage group called Sowbug has been found using the Felismus backdoor to spy on several South American and Pacific Rim national governments for the last several years.

Iphone iOS 11 QR code scanner provides 'backdoor' exploitable by criminals

Apple's new operating system for iPhones and iPads contains a Quick Response (QR)-scanning based 'backdoor' that could be used by cyber-criminals.

Amber Rudd knows nothing about encryption, says Amber Rudd

Nobody expects Rudd to have a PhD in cryptography but she does need to understand how backdooring encryption would disadvantage perfectly legitimate businesses and potentially cost them dearly.

WhatsApp rebuffs government request for backdoor

WhatsApp apparently refused the UK government's entreaties to build what would essentially be a backdoor into its app earlier this year.

Dirty double-crossing Rat - Secret backdoor in trojan builder kit

A free remote access trojan builder kit that was recently observed in various cyber-crime forums secretly contains an injected backdoor module that allows the kit's authors to take over the malware later.

Rudd reaps tech industry backlash for proposal to undermine encryption

UK home secretary Amber Rudd faced a barrage of criticism after she warned social media and tech companies that the Government may introduce laws to clamp down on extremist content if companies do not take action themselves.

MalwareMustDie closes blog in NSA/CIA spy protest

MalwareMustDie, the white-hat security research group, has closed its blog in protest of alleged American espionage against friendly countries.

The battle between security and privacy

Joanna Ward looks at the recent battles between tech providers and law enforcement agencies over encryption and considers how the escalation potentially be avoided.

Snoopers gonna snoop: IP Bill to give phone hacking powers

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill is set to force tech companies to backdoor any device they create - presumably in response to the ongoing Apple versus FBI case.

Judge orders Apple to help access encrypted data on iPhone

Apple ordered by US judge to help investigators access encrypted data on an iPhone used by San Bernadino shooters.

Clean house to keep WordPress infection from coming back again and again

Malware keeps re-infecting sites and installing multiple backdoors in WordPress websites, according to a researcher from Sucuri Security.

Rough start of the week for the Home Office

Dubbing Theresa May's Investigatory Powers Bill as 'confusing', MPs in the science and technology committee released a report which says firms are fearing a rise in hacking due to encryption 'back doors'.

Manual teaches IS members how to encrypt

American researchers have found an OPSEC manual circulating on Islamic State chatrooms that aims to teach militants how to encrypt their communications to professional levels.

600,000 cable routers found to have a backdoor within a backdoor

Brazilian researcher discovers double security threat in Arris cable modems which allows an attacker to rewrite the firmware without the owner's knowledge.

FBI, Europol and MI6 gang up on tech firms over encryption

Worldwide law enforcement continues to voice concerns over technology companies' increasing use of encryption.

More NSA calls for backdoors

Industry reaction to renewed calls for technology backdoors by government agencies has been predictably negative.

Why Cameron's encryption plans would take the UK back to the Dark Ages

Encryption will be used by the bad guys, and so will any back-doors, regardless of legislative bans which would only hit UK business - except its so unworkable it won't happen says Raimund Genes.

Tech companies must surrender their crypto-keys, says EU adviser

EU counter-terrorism measures propose enforced hand-over of encryption keys - a proposal described as unenforceable and ineffective policy decided by people who don't understand the technology.

Hidden backdoor in up to 10m Android phones

Chinese manufacturer Coolpad installs hidden backdoor in Android phones allowing permanent control of the device.

NSA hacks 70% of global mobile phone networks

American spy agency NSA infiltrated most of the world's smartphone networks.

The need for resilience

The ability to detect and respond when your security is breached are of paramount importance in ensuring organisational resilience says Alan Calder.

BT 'offering backdoor access to NSA and GCHQ'

BT Group has been accused of shipping hardware with backdoors for secret government surveillance.