Backdoor News, Articles and Updates

RIG EK campaign delivers researcher-phobic backdoor trojan Grobios

The RIG Exploit Kit has been causing trouble again, this time delivering a backdoor trojan called Grobios, which takes great pains to avoid detection and evade virtual and sandbox environments.

OceanLotus hacker group launches malicious MacOS backdoor

Researchers at Trend Micro have discovered how the hacker group OceanLotus, which is also known in cyber-security as APT 32, APT-C-00, SeaLotus, and Cobalt Kitty, is using a new backdoor to target MacOS computers.

Active Directory attack could enable malicious domain controller set up

DCShadow attack allows installation of backdoor. Hackers could set up their own fake domain controller in an existing corporate network to distribute malware and leave a backdoor.

Lenovo patches 14-year-old vulnerability

Lenovo released a patch for a vulnerability introduced 14 years ago via a firmware update by the now-defunct Nortel Networks and its blade server and switch business unit.

Attackers could fully compromise shipping comms server via backdoor

Backdoor account and blind SQL attacks vulnerability found in AmosConnect 8 satellite comms equipment used in shipping.

Pacifier APT backdoor components have suspected ties to Russia-linked Turla Group

Bitdefender researchers spotted three new Pacifier APT backdoor components that appear to connect the group's cyber-espionage campaigns against government institutions to the Russia-linked Turla Group.

More IP surveillance cameras found with backdoors built into the code

Firmware patches are being pushed out by Dahua for its CCTV cameras, DVRs and other devices after security researcher shows how easy it is to break into them.

Oil 'slick': Sneaky OilRig malware campaign flows into new territory

A backdoor malware campaign dubbed OilRig that in May was discovered targeting organisations in Saudi Arabia is now trying to drill into government entities in Turkey, Israel and the US, as well as Qatari companies and organisations.

What's behind backdoor #3? Mac version of Mokes malware follows Linux, Windows variants

Kaspersky Lab today released an analysis of a newly discovered version of Mokes - a malicious, cross-platform backdoor with spying functionality - this one targeting Apple's OS X operating system.

Knock Knock! Unique new backdoor Trojan infecting computers

Backdoors normally implement remote control tool TeamViewer in order to get unauthorised access to an infected computer. However, a newly-discovered Trojan, BackDoor.TeamViewer.49, uses the tool for less obvious reasons.

Hack turns cheap D-Link webcam into a network backdoor

Another 'Thing' of the Internet of Things has been found to be vulnerable, raising privacy concerns as D-link webcam becomes network backdoor.

Is Thunderstrike 2 still a threat despite Apple patch?

Thunderstrike, a proof-of-concept exploit that showed the feasibility of installing a backdoor into the Apple OS X, is back for more despite being patched in OS X 10.10.2.

Government 'backdoor access' creates larger cyber-criminal attack surface

Extraordinary and exceptional data access mandate powers? No thanks - encryption backdoors opposed.

Apple blacklists 'iWorm' malware which infected 17,000 Macs

Apple has moved to update its XProtect anti-virus solution for Mac OS X after a research firm discovered a new piece of malware infecting more than 17,000 computers.

NSA plants backdoors in exported routers

High-tech exports from the US are routinely compromised by backdoors inserted by the NSA; UK intellegence agency oversight also criticised.

NSA backlash continues: UK firms move data out the US

British companies are fighting back against government surveillance in the U.S. 21 percent of UK firms are moving their hosted information out of the country because of security concerns.

BT 'offering backdoor access to NSA and GCHQ'

BT Group has been accused of shipping hardware with backdoors for secret government surveillance.

'Magic' malware detected, with UK firmly in its sights

A new malware sample has been detected that primarily targets users in the UK.

Website backdoor protection service launched by Incapsula

Incapsula has released a tool that aims to detect and disable backdoor attacks.