BakBone Software is claiming the elimination of backup windows with the availability of its NetVault FASTRecover solutions.


The solutions provide disk-based, real-time data protection capabilities for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file servers, while giving users the power of extremely fast recovery to any point in time.


Chris Ross, vice president of EMEA for BakBone, claimed that following the acquisition of Bandsoft data protection tools, which are now added into the disk space, the launch has been possible.


Ross said: “This is a new family of disk local value products because technology is delaying the ability to do an efficient backup. The solution can be deployed and we're seeing that the time it takes to backup is growing and there is a crossover where one will start and another is still running. This can also run into business hours, it is putting the load on to applications which are supposed to be running.


“This is big mess with all of the applications that is becoming more and more of a tracking problem. The average growth is 50 per cent a year and companies cannot get rid of it, so the problem compounds itself because it is important to the business.”


Ross explained that FASTRecover can take a copy of the data and execute a backup window element then it is sent to the server. It can recover every single challenge as it is being tracked.


Jeff Drescher, vice president of marketing at BakBone, said: “As a data protection vendor, it is unacceptable for us to expect customers to have to ‘deal with' their backups running over allocated windows and potentially losing data.


“NetVault: FASTRecover not only eliminates backup windows, it significantly minimizes application downtime and data loss by bringing a new level of data protection capabilities to all levels of users."