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Why antivirus practices should never be allowed to stagnate

Even with a layered defence in place, it cannot be left to stagnate as the nature of threats will change over time and older defences may not be designed to combat new attacks.

Ransomware attacks: why are CISOs still overlooking a key prevention method?

Don't simply reload backup data or even re-image the machine and then reload - it should undergo complete data sanitsation as progressive malware can leave behind elements that cause even more damage says Richard Stiennon.

Ransomware - no excuse for sticking your head in the sand!

Ransomware: "what are your IT team and 3rd party suppliers doing about it?" asks Ken Gilmour. Do they have back-up processes that isolates business critical data for fast recovery? Are they responsive when it comes to patching?

Softening the threat of ransomware through effective backup & recovery

Ransomware is a grave threat but Adrian Moir suggests that advanced and effective backup and recovery can soften the blow significantly, avoiding the financial costs of ransomware and the crippling downtime.

How availability & 'cyber-insurance' make for prudent business planning

It's not about being hack-proof says Massimo Merlo.... this is virtually impossible. Rather, you should make your security as robust as possible and ensure your backups are not solely located on your network.

World Backup Day 2017: even with backups, users still lose data

According to new research from Kroll Ontrack, simply having a backup solution won't prevent users from losing data.

World Availability Day: evolving to become the 'always on' enterprise

Regular backups may be fine to protect personal data, but in today's connected environment, businesses are required to evolve to become the "always-on" enterprise, enabling availability at all times.

Destroy your data responsibly! International Recycling Day is 17 May

International Recycling Day is held today, 17 May to caution businesses that being green and responsible recycling is vital to destroy data on disused devices