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NSA hacking tool EternalRomance found in BadRabbit

BadRabbit evidence is multiplying, like well rabbits, with the latest revelation being the malware used another stolen NSA tool to help it move laterally through networks.

Group IB shows even tighter ties between BadRabbit and NotPetya

A new report on the BadRabbit ransomware campaign that sprang up earlier this week has revealed that BadRabbit is most likely derived from NotPetya, based on clues in the code and other evidence.

BadRabbit's slow international spread, like Petya/NotPetya but blockable

Less than 24 hours after BadRabbit hopped out of its hole the malware is still spreading, albeit slowly, with US CERT having received reports of infections; researchers say this worm-like ransomware may have ties to Petya/NotPetya.

Update: Further details on BadRabbit's spread, vaccine posted

Update: Several Russian news agencies and additional targets in the Ukraine have reportedly being hit with cyber-attacks, which the security firm GroupIB believes to be based on a new variant of Petya called BadRabbit.