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BoE demands UK banks to step up cyber-security after Bangladesh attack

Following the attack in February on the Central Bank of Bangladesh, the Bank of England (BoE) has issued an urgent call to order all British banks to carry out a security review of any computer connected to the SWIFT network.

New NCSC partnering with Bank of England for cyber-security in finance

When it opens later this year, the UK's new national cyber centre (NCSC) will be collaborating with the Bank of England in regard to new cyber-security guidance for financial firms.

SC: Video Interview: Bankers v hackers with Dr Luke Hebbes

Security professionals can't afford to work in isolated bubbles when the attackers are openly sharing information about system vulnerabilities, says Dr Luke Hebbes, Kingston University, in our SC: Video Interview series.

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Bank of England to test banks' security in operation Resilient Shield

As attacks on the UK's financial institutions increase, The Bank of England is getting ready to test out the bank's preparedness for such an event.

BoE email leak: how to solve a problem like human error

Alexander Pope said, "To err is human; to forgive, divine." Could he have been thinking of the infamous Bank of England email leak when he said that, asks Rainer Gawlick.

US and UK join forces for cyber 'war games'

The UK and US will increase their co-operation on cyber-security, with some kind of transatlantic 'Waking Shark' banking exercise seemingly in the pipeline.

SC Exclusive: Bank of England to appoint new CISO in January

Bank of England Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Don Randall is to leave his post in the New Year to take up an unspecified supervisory role, with William Brandon set to replace him.

Bank bosses finally get the memo on cyber security

Cyber-criminals large and small are targeting banks and other financial institutions for monetary gain, but smart companies are reacting with bigger cyber security budgets, new technologies and innovative schemes to improve security awareness.

Bank of England helps detect hackers

Cyber attack simulation excercises managed by CREST to boost banks' cooperation and resilience.

UK banks to get independent pen-testing?

The UK's Bank of England (BoE) is reportedly planning to carry out a major pen-testing exercise in the Autumn.

UK government champions cyber security

Cyber attacks are front of mind for the UK government and local companies, following comments from business secretary Vince Cable earlier this week. But concerns linger after the latest Waking Shark exercise.

Bank customers left adrift by increasingly draconian security T&Cs

US banking fraud case highlights serious online banking security issue

Cyber attacks hit UK banks

There is a sudden upsurge in the number of banks seeing cyber threat as a major risk says a new Bank Of England report.

Waking Shark in second attack on UK banks

The ability of Britain's major banks to withstand a crippling cyber attack will be tested next month in a 'war game' exercise called Operation Waking Shark 2.