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Chase 'glitch' grants customers access to random accounts

Multiple Chase Bank customer accounts in the US were exposed after what was described as a "glitch" granted customers looking to log into their own accounts access to the accounts of random customers instead.

Two charged in ATM 'jackpotting' scheme that yielded £35K

Two men, who reportedly posed as ATM repairmen at a Citizen's Bank branch in Connecticut, were charged with infecting a drive-through ATM with malware and stealing up to US$ 50,000 (£35,000) in a jackpotting scheme.

Attackers attempting to fabricate relationship between Russian bank and Trump

Alfa Bank has engaged the US based cyber-forensics firm Stroz Friedberg to investigate these new attacks.

Russia's banks will be hacked today, apparently

Russia's security service, the FSB, said on Friday that Russia's banks will be attacked by foreign powers in an attempt to destabilise Russia's financial system.

How long must we wait for Tesco to reveal cyber-heist attack data?

The Tesco Bank cyber-heist was Britain's biggest attack to date but the information on how the attack was perpetrated is not being shared with those who need to know, reports Davey Winder.

Barclays bank to identify customers by voice

Barclays bank is to begin identifying customers by voice recognition, representing the latest industry attempt to abolish passwords.

SWIFT robbers swoop on Ukrainian bank

Yet another bank has been hit via the SWIFT messaging system, this time in Ukraine. This may only be the fifth publically disclosed SWIFT heist, but commentators suggest that there plenty of silent victims

Russian police to target credit-card credential thieves

Russia is planning to find ways to fight cyber-criminals specialising in the theft of bank-card personal data.

Vietnamese bank thwarts hack made through SWIFT messaging system

A Vietnamese bank has thwarted an attack similar to the one that befell the Bangladesh Central Bank in February and led to the loss of £56 million

The Bangladesh Job part II: the gang strikes again

According to Swift the fingerprints of those behind February's £56 million heist from the Bangladesh Central Bank have been found on another attempted heist.

Banks warned that malware that hit Bangladesh central is heading their way

A special bespoke malware seems to the at the centre of a massive cyber-fraud resulting in the theft of millions of dollars from Bangladesh Bank

'Hacker Buba' holds UAE bank to ransom

One mysterious hacker has blackmailed a UAE bank threatening to release the account information of some of their most important clients over Twitter.

JP Morgan hackers indicted in largest theft of customer details

100 million customer details were stolen and tens of million of dollars were made off with by a "sprawling cyber-criminal enterprise" in what is now known as the largest breach of customer details in US financial history.

Nearly 5 million customers' details stolen from brokerage firm

Last year, Scottrade, a US broker, was subjected to a breach that saw a potential 4.6 million customers' records stolen. They only found out in August.

Dyre Wolf is no 2FA killer, say security professionals

Just before the UK closed down for the extended Easter Bank Holiday weekend, IBM security researchers published a report warning about a malware campaign attacking online bank users.

After Carbanak, bank CEOs fear cyber-attacks will harm business growth

Just days after the world's "biggest-ever online heist", a new study reveals that bank CEOs are concerned cyber-risks will harm business growth.

Huge spam campaign drops Trojan on UK bank customers

A huge spam campaign has been installing the Dyreza banking Trojan on tens of thousands of UK computers, specifically targeting those with accounts at major banks.

European banks getting targeted by malware

At least one in twenty devices used by the customers of major European banks is riddled with malware, according to new claims from one security company.

Europol cyber-crime chief becomes Barclays CISO

Troels Oerting, the director of Europol's European Cyber Crime Unit (EC3), has left his post to become Group CISO at Barclays Bank.

Eastern hackers use phishing-led APT to steal millions from banks

Security researchers say a hacking group called 'Anunak' has stolen £11 million (US$ 17 million) from banks, retailers and others firms since 2013.

HSBC Turkey hackers stole card details on 2.7 million customers

HSBC Turkey has confirmed that a recent cyber-attack resulted in the loss of card details on 2.7 million customers.

UK banks urged to share more intel on cyber-threats

Cyber security and banking experts say that British banks and other financial institutions must share intelligence on threats if they are to beat cyber-criminals and protect critical assets.

JPMorgan hack sees financial services turn spotlight on cyber security

The JPMorgan hack is already having a knock-on effect in the UK, with the government and private sector seeking to better protect financial institutions from cyber-criminals.

Asda insurer and 83m JPMorgan customers hacked

A UK-based insurer has joined banking group JPMorgan in admitting this week that it has been hacked, with 83 million customer accounts compromised on the latter.

EU and UK step up efforts to protect banks from cybercrime

The European Union and the British Bankers' Association have announced independent plans to tackle cyber-criminals that target banks and other financial institutions.

'Acid House King' jailed for £1.25m cyber theft

Security experts are warning of an influx of professional and imaginative cyber criminals after Tony Colston-Hayter, known as the 'Acid House King', was jailed for masterminding bank robberies which netted over £1.25 million using KVM technology.

Russian trojan spotted attacking Middle Eastern banks

Security researcher Brian Krebs has spotted a Russian-controlled botnet being used to target banks in the Middle East.