Members of the public are being hit by phishing scams following a recent increase in financial mergers and takeovers.


Scotland Yard has warned that bogus emails claiming to be from the likes of HBOS, Halifax and Bank of Scotland, asking for customers to resend their personal information, have been sent to account holders.


Metropolitan Police acting Commander Nigel Mawer, told the Daily Telegraph: “You can imagine if your bank merges with another bank, then the phishers can send an email saying 'as a result of the merger we just need to reconfirm your details'. It gives them a degree more of credibility around the phishing attack.”


Martin Mackay, EMEA vice president at VeriSign, said: “Online fraudsters never stop finding new ways to target their victims. Yet again, cybercriminals have exploited a vulnerability, which has emerged as a result of the credit crunch.


“Sadly, many people in the UK are still largely in the dark when it comes to spotting a phishing site, and at the moment cybercriminals are in a good position to exploit the confusion caused by the banking crisis.”