Banking Trojan News, Articles and Updates

Gozi ISFB malware spreading more havoc in 2018

Banking trojan Gozi ISFB, the widely distributed Dark Cloud botnet well known to financial institutions, surfaced a few years ago but increasingly is being deployed in 2018, reports security research firm Talos reports.

New polymorphic malware evades three quarters of AV scanners

Emotet offensive sees malware continually repackaging itself to avoid signature-based detection

Qakbot malware from 2009 returns, causes Active Directory lockouts

Ancient Qakbot banking malware triggering automated lockouts in Active Directory from brute force password enumeration.

Popular Russian boxing website compromised

A cyber-criminal could be risking a serious beating by compromising the popular Russian boxing site allboxing[.]ru with a redirect to a third-party site containing a Russian banking Trojan.

Ursnif banking Trojan targets Australia with new evasive macros

On 19 September, the TA530 group sent personalised emails utilising company names, personal names, titles and more to deliver malicious Word documents.

Dridex takes aim at Crypto-currency

Despite going quiet for most of 2016, Dridex appears to have spent that time working on itself, making a number of improvement and targeting crypto-currency wallets

Gugi banking Trojan outwits security features of Android 6

Malware bypasses security measures to steal user credentials and sniff out banking details of naive users that grant permission without realising what they've done

Lurk banking Trojan propagated via 'legitimate' software

Kaspersky researchers have spotted the Lurk banking Trojan lurking around as legitimate pieces of software on

Marcher mobile malware adds nine UK banks to target list

Russian banking malware, Marcher, is headed for the UK in a big way - banks and consumers are urged to be on guard.

Banking Trojan has infected at least 40K Android users worldwide

Hundreds of different banking Trojans attack Android users, one being Android.SmsSpy.88.origin, which was first spotted in 2014.

Acecard banking Trojan labeled 'extremely dangerous' by Kaspersky

The Acecard Android banking Trojan leaves nothing to chance when it comes to attacking banks with the malware being able to attack 50 separate online financial applications and bypass Google Play Store security.

Corcow Trojan manipulates currency rates

A Russian-language banking Trojan has been found manipulating the ruble-dollar exchange rate

Dyre Trojan almost dead after 'takedown' by the Russians

The feared Dyre banking Trojan has been almost killed off, following a reported raid by the Russian authorities on a Moscow film distribution company last November.

New strain of Dyreza trojan emerges

Dyreza trojan updated for Windows 10

Bank of England to test banks' security in operation Resilient Shield

As attacks on the UK's financial institutions increase, The Bank of England is getting ready to test out the bank's preparedness for such an event.

Brolux trojan targets Japanese banking users, distributed through adult site

Japanese online banking users are the target of a newly detected banking trojan, dubbed Win32/Brolux.A, which is so far spread through two vulnerabilities still distributed by an adult website.