The Bank of America website was inaccessible for most of Friday following a ‘routine systems change'.

While the website was eventually restored, spokeswoman Tara Murphy Burke told The Associated Press that the problem appeared at around 7am EST and was resolved about 5:15pm.

Burke said that the majority of customers could access online banking during the day, but acknowledged that the system was very slow for those who could get in. As news of the outage spread during the day, traffic to the website increased and it became even more difficult to access it.

Also according to a report by ZDNet, Lloyds Banking Group confirmed that its internet banking service was inaccessible to some users on Saturday morning, with reports pointing to downtime on Friday as well.

A spokesperson would not give further details on the nature of the technical problem, but did confirm that there had been an intermittent technical problem with the Lloyds TSB internet banking site, which had affected a small number of its customers during the course of the morning.

The spokesperson said that there had been no security issues involved in the downtime, and confirmed that the issue had been resolved and apologised for any inconvenience that customers may have experienced.