UK-based Barclays PLC has teamed up with Interpol to more efficiently fight cyber-crime, marking an important development in public-private partnerships.

According to Zacks, a Barclays cyber-crime analyst will become the first to work full-time with the police and other experts in Interpol's Cyber Fusion Centre to execute effective information-sharing and response to security threats.

The analyst will work with experts from Cyber Defence Institute, Kaspersky Lab, LAC, NEC, SECOM, Trend Micro, University of Waikato in New Zealand and the University of South Australia who are already based at the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore.

Barclay's new agreement to work with Interpol will play an important role in the fight against cyber-crime. “Preventing cyber-crime and keeping our citizens safe from being victims of crime in cyber-space is a global task and cannot be done without the involvement of Interpol,” said Troels Oerting, group chief information security office at Barclays.

IGCI executive director, Noboru Nakatani, said the collaboration with Barclays shows Interpol's continued commitment to develop a global alliance to combat cyber-threats with the private sector.