Security and counter terrorism minister Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones stepped down from the Government last night to focus on working with private industry.

According to the Associated Press, Neville-Jones has been appointed as the Government's special representative to business on cyber security, a newly-created position.

The Government said she stepped down at her own request, with Prime Minister David Cameron praising her for helping to ensure the balance between security and liberty and for drawing up the original plans for the National Security Council. She will be replaced by Conservative Party politician Angela Browning as a home office minister. It is unclear if the security minister position will be filled immediately.

Neville-Jones was also involved with the Cyber Security Challenge in its first year, which recently announced postman Dan Summers as its first winner.

Speaking to the Guardian, home secretary Theresa May thanked Neville-Jones for her hard work, both in opposition and in government, contributing to the rebalancing of security and liberty, as well as participating in the work of the National Security Council. However a report by the Daily Mail claimed that Neville-Jones had argued repeatedly with the home secretary and Liberal Democrat ministers.