The challenge on how to gain a budget for security has been described as 'needing a sum of money for something that no one really understands'.

Wieland Alge, CEO of Phion, who was acquired by Barracuda Networks last year, told delegates at the EMEA partner and customer summit in Austria that following the global economic crisis there was a choice to do business the same or change.

Alge said: “Some think that they are doing the right thing or the same behaviour, but there are not many people who are in the same place.”

He said that there are three challenges: security top management needs to rise to the task; not to do things ourselves and delegate tasks; and consider the human in the equation.

He said: “We want to know who our enemies are, we want to know and can identify them. If our enemies were more visible things would be easier. How do we fight for budget? Not change and not wait, but fight? Who are our enemies?

“You go to the board and say 'I need a sum of money for something that you do not really understand'. A successful company will ask why, and you say that it is unimaginable now so we say 'trust us, we need more money'. The environment can change overnight and you have to deal with what is unimaginable. This is what we can do and not just sit there. To be unsuccessful is not a category for an IT expert.

“What would we do? It is a simple recipe of important things and not interesting things, we focus on the important things.”