Basler will introduce its range of IP camera models at the Asis and Security shows in Atlanta and Essen respectively.

Basler IP cameras feature a complete image compression set-up without limitation to specific resolutions. All cameras offer multi-level MJPEG compression with multi-streaming options with simultaneous, independent MPEG-4 or H.264 streaming capability, while frame transmissions are kept the highest possible rate.

The scaling and ‘area of interest' functionality that supports customized resolutions is another differentiator of Basler IP cameras compared to competitive products. To display a maximum of detail with the highest precision, any image format and aspect ratio can be configured.

Users can set up several different areas of interest with each area showing a specific area of the captured images. This means that several 'virtual' cameras can be active at the same time and the reduced images can be streamed independently. The user's benefit is that only relevant image data will be transmitted, leading to a significant reduction in bandwidth requirements and maximizing storage utilisation.

The ASIS show in Atlanta will be held in September from the 15th-17th while the Security show is being held from October 7th-10th in Essen.