Battling 'malvertising' with Symantec and Armorize

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Symantec has launched a cloud-based service that detects and blocks malicious advertisements.

Symantec has launched a cloud-based service that detect and block malicious advertisements.

Named AdVantage, it will enable website owners to discover malware hidden in online advertisements and can be mitigated by scanning, detecting and reporting on any 'malvertising' on their site.

Offered to publishers and ad networks through a free early access program from next month, a partnership with Armorize Technologies will allow for a real-time performance dashboard to present automatic reports with essential insights.

Malvertising generally takes three primary forms: cyber criminals hack into websites and inject malware into banner ads; website owners unwittingly distribute malware after cyber criminals compromise their networks; and cyber criminals pose as genuine advertisers and wait for victims to click on their ads.

Wayne Huang, co-founder and CEO at Armorize Technologies, said: “Up until now, even the largest publishers did not possess insight into exactly what their ads are presenting to their visitors. Symantec AdVantage is the first of its kind to redefine visitor-experience analytics.

“AdVantage traces ad analytics from the visitor perspective and asks the question, ‘What do they see?', and expands to questions like, ‘What is the quality and security of the content they see?'”

Craig Spiezle, president and executive director of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), said: “The OTA formed the Anti-Malvertising Task Force in 2010 in response to increased threats to consumers and to help defend the integrity of interactive advertising.

“We are delighted that Symantec will be providing services to help the interactive advertising community better monitor and track down these problems.”


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