After the BBC conducted an attack by using an illegal botnet, the response to which was almost universally condemned, the broadcaster has done the same thing again. However the difference this time is that it has done it internally with the 'victim' well aware of what was happening.

Once again, Prevx's Jacques Erasumus conducted the attack and demonstrated how a Trojan downloader was sent to the victim's laptop, and he is allowed to not only witness him logging into a bank account with the password and personal details retrieved via a Keylogger, but the victim is also viewed while he is logging in due to the Trojan taking over his webcam too.

Graham Cluley, who publicised and roundly condemned the last attack, has taken a more approving view of this hack via his blog -

I doubt there will be as much furore this time about this attack, mainly because the victim knew he was being attacked. There may be questions asked about whether the downloading and sending of a Trojan was ethical though.