BBC reports major losses of laptops and mobile devices

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The BBC had 195 laptops stolen last year.

The BBC had 195 laptops stolen last year.

Following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Veracode, it was revealed that the BBC has lost 785 tablets, laptops and mobiles in the last three years, including 399 laptop computers, 39 tablets and 347 mobile devices, which were reported either lost or stolen since 2010.

The BBC response said that the average cost for each laptop is £1,500 and between £100-£300 per mobile, and approximately £1,500 per tablet device. This means that the cost of replacing the laptops for those last year alone was £292,500.

Also last year, the BBC had 61 mobiles and 22 tablets stolen, and 57 mobiles, 11 laptops and four tablets lost. The BBC response said that the equipment is leased to the BBC, and therefore the cost covers the leasing service and support charges.

Tyler Shields, senior security researcher at Veracode, said: “The huge rise in mobile and tablet devices in the workplace means that staff are able to work from home and on the move, increasing productivity and collaboration. But increased mobility also opens up new risks for organisations due to vulnerabilities in applications that reside on these devices.

“To tackle this problem, it's critical that businesses ensure that all devices are protected and secure, by identifying and fixing application vulnerabilities, to prevent malicious hackers from exploiting them.”

David Lingenfelter, information security officer at Fiberlink, said: “This is yet further evidence that the more portable the device, the greater chance that it can and will go missing. This has a direct correlation with sensitive data ending up where it should not.

“Organisations need to adopt technology that provides a safe mobile computing environment. Any delay in a department's ability to support and secure the latest devices will increase risk, cause gaps in security and decrease staff productivity.”


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