The BBC Click botnet attack experiment highlights the ease of falling prey to botnets.


Nick Hawkins, VP sales EMEA, Marshal8e6, claimed that the BBC should be applauded ‘for its interesting and informative piece which hopefully will assist in raising the public's awareness' to ensure that their web and email filtering technology is up to date.


Hawkins said: “The key thing is that none of these 22,000 PC owners were aware that their machines were being used for this purpose and therefore they were at risk of being used for much more malicious botnet activity such as a denial of service or phishing attack.


“People still think that their PC will only be infected if they visit a ‘dodgy' website. In fact our Threat Research and Content Engineering labs have found that there is a massive increase in blended attacks and in legitimate websites being used to host botnet malware. Even if your anti-virus is in place, brand new malware examples are being released onto the web every day.


“To compound the problem, malware is designed to morph on a regular basis to evade signature filters. For organisations that rely on email and web, the best protection against these blended threats is to implement technologies that can scan the content of emails and websites in real time, without adding latency.”