BEC News, Articles and Updates

New email scam targeting accounts personnel at Fortune 500 companies

Criminals impersonate legitimate email accounts to initiate wire transfer fraud. Security researchers have uncovered an active Business Email Compromise (BEC) campaign targeting Accounts Payable personnel at Fortune 500.

96% of organisations hit in email attacks in the second half of 2017

96 percent of organisations were targeted by Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks in the second half of 2017, primarily because such attacks did not include malicious payloads or attachments.

Africa deploying offence-in-depth to fight BEC email fraud attacks

Offence-in-depth approach likely to fight cyber-criminals exploiting the BEC/BES amid increasing attacks from west Africa, says research.

West-African cyber-crime more than doubled, says Trend Micro

According to Trend Micro, incidents of cyber-crime have more than doubled on the continent, and investigators often experience 'road blocks' when bringing criminals to justice.