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BeCrypt Disk Protect





£70 (for single-user licence)

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Strengths: Easy wizard to use, product was superior despite being priced at the lower end of the market

Weaknesses: Installation bugs meant three re-installs of the target operating system were required to get the installation correct

Verdict: This product has the potential to outperform many higher-priced rival packages if the supplier sorts out the installation bugs

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BeCrypt Disk Protect provides for two-factor authentication and also advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption of the entire hard drive. We configured BeCrypt Disk Protect to use password authentication, which was a little more difficult to install and configure than some of the other products.

At two hours and ten minutes, Disk Protect was in the middle of the pack in terms of the time it took the products we tested to encrypt our entire 60-GB drive. Once the process was completed, PassMark's Performance Test software showed no degradation of system performance. This was the only product tested that used the Windows Event Viewer for logging even in standalone mode.

BeCrypt's offering provides a wizard for the installation and was very easy to set up. The wizard, however, proved to be a bit buggy. The installation allows for single sign-on mode and also for creating an emergency repair disk. If we selected these two options together, the system would go into a continous reboot loop after the installation was started.

After three re-installs of the target operating system, we disabled the single sign-on and passed on the emergency repair disk. This allowed the set-up to continue and we were then able to initialise the single sign-on functionality. A quick- start guide would have been helpful to better explain the terminology used in the wizard.

Documentation for this product is in the form of PDF files, which are indexed, searchable and easy to navigate. Disk Protect is straightforward to configure.

BeCrypt offers phone and email support, but online help is in the form of frequently asked questions, and a support download section would be beneficial.

Priced at the low end of the product range we tested, Disk Protect provides a quality whole disk encryption product that performs whole disk encryption adequately. This software could outperform many more expensive products if BeCrypt sorts out the installation bugs.

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