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£70 (for single-user licence)

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Strengths: Good amount of features

Weaknesses: Support site is lacking. Can only decrypt the drive by removing the software

Verdict: Overall a decent value for the money, although we would have liked to see a stronger support site

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BeCrypt Disk Protect is a standalone software solution that offers whole disk encryption protection for host machines. Disk Protect installs in Windows-based hosts and offers support for strong authentication and protection of removable storage media.

We installed the product as a standalone application on our test laptop without much trouble at all. BeCrypt offers a separate administrative server product that can centrally control policies for Disk Protect, but we did not test that component during this review.

The product overall is very easy to use and contains all the standard features, such as single sign-on, ability to secure the entire disk, custom startup screens, support for strong authentication and flexible policy creation.

We found that the initial setup and all the various screens and options were very easy to use. Administrators should be up and running in no time.

However, we did encounter one small hiccup when we attempted to encrypt our test laptop. After contacting BeCrypt's support staff, we were sent an updated installation package and were able to successfully encrypt the disk in about three hours. One interesting note about the encrypt/decrypt process was that the software performs in an "all-or-nothing" capacity.

The entire disk is encrypted after installation of the product (without the ability to manually initialise this task) and, conversely, it can only be decrypted by uninstalling the product. This is a sure-fire way to ensure protection, but it certainly removes a little bit of flexibility for administrators in the enterprise.

Documentation contained in the PDF files is outstanding and contains good explanations and detailed screenshots - although we didn't need to reference it all that much, since the interface and setup is fairly intuitive right out of the box.

One year of basic 8/5 email and phone support is included with the product. Additional support beyond the first year will cost £10.80 per user.

The BeCrypt website does not contain any supporting knowledgebases, FAQs, downloads or useful documents, other than a one-page web submission form.

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