Fujitsu and Becrypt have partnered to launch an encrypted tablet suitable for sensitive data up to Impact Level 3 (restricted access).

The DISK Protect Baseline software has been developed for use on the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550, with the Becrypt software CESG-accredited to protect information and files saved locally.

According to Becrypt, this software encryption layer complements the hardware security features integrated into the STYLISTIC Q550, including a smartcard reader, fingerprint reader and Trusted Platform Module. Running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, STYLISTIC Q550 also provides IT departments with a known and trusted operating system that can be securely managed centrally.

Michael Keegan, UK executive director of Fujitsu's technology product group, said: “We recognise the dilemma faced by the public sector that is attracted to the benefits promised by tablets, including a more mobile and flexible workforce, but is equally concerned about inadequate data security offered by the majority of tablets.”

Bernard Parsons, CEO of Becrypt, said: “We are committed to providing flexible, yet highly secure ways to protect data, enabling people to remain highly productive even when working with sensitive or classified data.

“Our long record of working with the government and CESG to provide encryption solutions for use with all levels of data up to 'top secret' means we are ideally placed to provide these solutions for new form factors.”