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4 reasons why behaviour-based indicators of compromise enhance security

IOCs look for specific artifacts that indicate an intrusion whereas Gil Barak explains BIOCs look for specific behaviours that indicate malicious activity, such as the injection of code into memory or a script running within an application.

Biology and computers: drawing parallels between immunology and cyber-security

Stephanie Forrest discusses the parallels between computer viruses and biology and how our understanding of them is informing cyber-security.

Parents don't see children at risk from online marketing, study says

Across Europe, children do not receive an equal level of protection from the adverse effects of online marketing due to different marketing regulations to children between countries and parents' different models of oversight of their kids' online activities.

Is printing the biggest security threat for your business?

Wes Mulligan says organisations are on high alert when it comes to network security, yet they are overlooking the potential risks posed by the many printing devices that are connected directly to their network

Restoring faith in the IT department

Rick Orloff highlights the importance of trust between IT and employees, and how to restore it in the wake of the current cyber-crime climate, including communicating that you understand user concerns..

Using big data to uncover Deviant Behaviour

Cyber-attacks are getting larger, faster and more diverse, making them increasingly complex to identify and mitigate. But at the same time, as Kate O'Flaherty reports, businesses are collecting vast amounts of security data - far too much for a human to analyse and turn into something useful

While hackers hit the headlines, insider threats should not be forgotten

Insiders with authorised access to sensitive information represent credible and growing security threats, which businesses should ignore at their peril says Mark Kendrew.