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Behavioural biometrics meet machine learning for fraud prevention

Learning algorithms are capable of recognising patterns in data and discern fraudsters from legitimate clients by correlating thousands of pieces of information that, most probably, wouldn't be otherwise noticeable to a human.

Overcoming data overload in cyber-security

Faced with a shortage of skilled IT security staff, prioritising alerts can be an important strategy. By creating a set of defined processes and routines, security teams can review sets of data regularly in order to spot anomalies

Organisations need to identify nation state attacks - but not attackers

For an enterprise security team to attempt investigate who is behind an attack is extremely complicated and time consuming, and most importantly does very little to improve the organisation's defences against further attack.

Spear-phishers hijack in-progress conversation in highly-targeted attack

Middle-eastern bank, international sporting organisation and Asian individuals were victims of a highly-targeted attack that interrupted an in-progress conversation using compromised credentials.

How can organisations prepare for future attacks beyond ransomware?

Notwithstanding the real damage caused by WannaCry and NotPetya, it could have been far worse, and the likelihood is that ransomware attacks will get worse, so we need to invest and prepare now says Tony Rowan.

Cyber Security's future - more difficult than winning the premiership

Delegates at The Future of Cyber Security in Manchester were told how the current problems are only getting worse and we're not starting from a great position, but there are defensive strategies than can reduce the risks.

Former US national security official criticises background checks

Keith Lowry took time on a trip to Australia to warn that background checks do not make the cut when trying to stop insider threats.

The Impact of the SWIFT Hacks

Ross Brewer discusses the impact of the Bangladesh bank cyber-attack and the growing problem of stolen credentials.

Post-breach forensics: Building the trail of evidence

New approaches to user monitoring and behavioural analytics enable firms to analyse all user activity, allowing tracking and visualising of user activity in real-time to understand what is really happening on the network says Balázs Scheidler.

Industry Innovators: Cyber-threat analysis and intelligence

This is an entirely new category and it has become one of the most important areas of next-generation network and data protection.

Don't underestimate the idiots - monitoring behaviour on your network

How do we spot anomalous system behaviour on our networks that indicates a security breach? That was the theme of last week's SC Magazine UK roundtable aboard HMS President, sponsored by Splunk.

Big data offers cyber-attack early warning

Analysis of big data in real time provides a granularity of insight into normal network behaviour, allowing earlier identification of abnormal behaviour.