Behavioural Biometrics News, Articles and Updates

"Smarter" authentication has arrived - with behavioural biometrics

Smart devices demand smart authentication, with frictionless security in the background, not impacting usability - and behavioural biometrics is one option that may be able to deliver suggests David Vergara.

85% of Brits trust banks the most to offer biometric authentication

When it comes to the protection of their biometric data, British people are nearly twice as likely to trust banks (60 percent) than government agencies (33 percent) in doing so.

You're about to get the most skilled cyber-crime assistant you could wish for

Mike Foreman says we're about to get some much-needed help ... smarter technology to save us from ourselves.

37% of Brits share personal login details with friends or partners

Over 10 percent of the UK population has pretended to be someone else online by snooping or sending messages through someone else's social media or email accounts without their permission.

Last Word: Behavioural patterns & cloud

Using individual user's behaviour patterns can identify both the individual and Bot activity to thwart RATs says Uri Rivner