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BeSecure 1020N Web Security Appliance


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Strengths: Designed for the large enterprise with robust scanning capabilities

Weaknesses: Difficult to manage at first. No knowledgebase or forum in the support area

Verdict: Be sure that you have a trained administrator for this one - not so easy to use but very powerful once you get the hang of it

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BeSecure 1020N Web Security Appliance from Wedge Networks is built for the large enterprise and service providers. It can handle thousands of concurrent web, email and FTP sessions and scan for all types of threats and malware. It does this using a built-in Kaspersky malware signature database and a Cloudmark anti-spam and anti-phishing engine.

The initial setup of the appliance is done manually via the web-based GUI, with no help from a setup wizard. Once the initial setup steps are completed the device can be placed inline in the network and begin monitoring traffic. The web interface itself is a little confusing at first but becomes easier to navigate after spending a few minutes browsing around.

This product is highly customisable but that sometimes comes with a price. We found beyond the initial configuration there were many other settings and controls that were hard to understand without checking into the documentation. However, we did like the massive amount of flexibility that the BeSecure appliance provided.

Documentation includes a quick-start page that provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to complete the initial configuration of the appliance and get it up and running in the network environment. A full user manual also provides a more in-depth look at features and advanced configurations, with many screenshots, diagrams and step-by-step instructions included.

Wedge Networks offers full 24/7 phone and email technical support with the purchase of the product for the first 90 days. After this period 8/5 or 24/7 support with hardware replacement can be purchased for an extra fee.* These prices also include both firmware and signature updates as they become available. However, there is no online knowledgebase or user forum available for support.

At a price of £10,600 the BeSecure appliance may seem quite pricey on the surface but we find it to be good value for the money due to its comprehensive and robust scanning engines.

*In the US. Contact regional offices for local support details.

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