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News by Danielle Correa

63 percent of Neustar's EMEA customers have received ransom note threats.

Some 63 percent of Neustar's EMEA customers have received ransom note threats according to an internal survey by Neustar on the impact of ransom attacks on 157 of its EMEA customers. 

The survey results found that DDoS defence preparedness lessens the fear, stress and worry that those on the receiving end of an extortion or ransom note experience. As would be expected, organisations that protect their websites with professional DDoS mitigation services have also been found to be better prepared to defend against DDoS attacks.

The past decade has seen a rise in extortion-type DDoS attacks where a small attack is quickly followed by an email ransom note that claims responsibility and threatens that more attacks will follow unless money is paid. The note often does not ask for much money, but the trap is successful as a naïve business is tempted to pay the small sum assuming that the attacks will conclude; all that they've done is identify their website as one without DDoS protection, therefore prompting continued attacks and demands for additional money.

“Receiving a threat demanding payment when your business is at stake can cause fear and confusion about how to handle it.'s a different case for companies without professional DDoS protection – they must be very careful not to be drawn in to an ongoing extortion scenario,” said Margee Abrams, director of IT security services product marketing for Neustar.


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