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Is poor IT security putting cyber Insurance efforts at risk?

Don't expect a payout - or even an insurance policy - if you haven't taken suitable precautions to stop preventable cyber-incidents says Garry Sidaway, adding that deploying best practice is the best insurance.

Email server vulnerability detection - a best practice checklist

By following best practices and incorporating security measures when setting up an email server, you will be able to protect yourself from the most frequent and dangerous scenarios says Marcell Gogan.

Legal and communications best practices to reduce cyber-crime fallout

Sarah Gaunt and Lena Ahad discuss a guide to legal and communications best practices ahead of a cyber-crime.

IP theft is 'most damaging' cyber-crime for UK businesses

Due to a failure to protect valuable data, businesses are leaving themselves exposed to unnecessary levels of risk.

Russia, France and Germany to cooperate against international terrorism?

Russia has officially proposed it join forces with France and Germany to design new IT security technologies that could be used in the fight against international terrorists.

ISSE Berlin: Most SMEs do nothing about cyber-security

"There's a lot of great talk, but most companies (SMEs) do nothing (about cyber-security). It's shocking. And the flow down from big companies, passing best practice down the supply chain, is not working," says Dr Emma Philpott

Why multi-factor authentication is a security best practice

Torben Andersen describes the top eight reasons why multi-factor authentication is a security best practice that CEOs need to ensure is implemented.