Authorisation management solutions provider BeyondTrust has added authentication for cross-platform and cloud-based environments to its portfolio.

Following the acquisition of the Active Directory Bridge business unit from Likewise Software, BeyondTrust has launched the PowerBroker identity services platform.

According to the company, the enterprise edition of PowerBroker identity services addresses the authentication, audit and reporting needs of companies running multiple operating systems in their network.

It also claimed that it streamlines requirements to authenticate users, controls access to applications and data, centrally manages settings within group policies and creates reports for regulatory audits.

John Mutch, CEO of BeyondTrust, said: “This portfolio expansion, particularly when combined with our recent asset purchase from Lumigent, reflects our response to what we see as a growing ecosystem emerging around internal security threats and identity management in the enterprise.

“As more organisations rank insider fraud and data breaches as one of their top IT security priorities, we are aggressively striving to build a comprehensive portfolio of authentication solutions addressing data privacy, the monitoring of insider threats and assuring regulatory compliance for multi-platform environments.”

Barry Crist, CEO of Likewise Software, said: “We announced this morning that Beyond Trust has acquired our Active Directory Bridge business unit which includes Likewise Open and Likewise Enterprise. This is good news for all involved.

“Likewise and Beyond Trust had initially explored a partnership and it quickly became clear that the two companies' product lines and respective teams strongly complimented each other. Customers will benefit from a unified, integrated product line spanning the privileged user management continuum across physical and virtual platforms.”