BeyondTrust launches Google Apps assessment tool
BeyondTrust launches Google Apps assessment tool

A free tool to audit Google applications and track and report on changes within them has been released by BeyondTrust.

It said that its PowerBroker Auditor for Google Apps, available for free to the BeyondTrust user community, was developed to ease the burdens associated with auditing these commonly used web applications for proper usage and compliance.

The company said that PowerBroker Auditor for Google Apps allows administrators to track and report on a wide range of changes, including: users, groups, roles, email, calendar, chat and mobile.

This can retrieve live events for immediate review, or collect them on a desired schedule and save them in a database for historical reporting. Key user and event types can be filtered and reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and Word for further filtering, sorting and sharing, according to the company.

Brad Hibbert, executive vice president of product strategy and operations at BeyondTrust, said: “While Google Apps is a great productivity suite for organisations, it's become a bit of a compliance headache for IT admins who are already resource-constrained by the need to prove on-going compliance to critical government regulations.

“Our goal at BeyondTrust is to give customers the visibility and controls necessary to reduce their IT security risks, while at the same time simplifying their compliance reporting. PowerBroker Auditor for Google Apps is doing just that.”