The adoption of cloud for important business applications is widespread in the UK, with almost 90 percent of UK organisations now using cloud services.

Research from Adapt shows that more than half (57 percent) of UK businesses see the cloud as a solution for eliminating cost from their companies, but achieving this goal has proven to be a challenge for many (42 percent). Organisations that view cloud as a means to support enhancement and optimisation (45 percent) are discovering that it's simpler to reach the goal of cost cutting and improvement of business flexibility.

The results were collected from 200 UK senior IT decision makers from companies having more than 200 employees. Most businesses that were surveyed (59 percent) know their staff use unapproved cloud-based services to store data, applications and services. Ninety-two percent of medium size and 85 percent of large companies said that they now use cloud services one way or another.

A majority of UK businesses (68 percent) thought positively of the opportunity to engage a single supplier that could help them take control of all different cloud solutions. Most businesses (55 percent) are using more than one cloud provider, and a sixth (16 percent) use three or more.

Kevin Linsell, director of strategy and architecture at Adapt said: “Businesses need to recognise the broad availability of customised and niche cloud services has changed procurement behaviour. They need to adapt to these changes to deliver key objectives such as cost reduction, performance improvement, business risk reduction and security enhancement.”