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Is your business ready for data governance success?

To maximise the value of data and establish widespread data intelligence from an operational standpoint, organisations require a data governance framework to improve their data's quality, usability and reliability.

Modern IT compliance demands a continuous approach

A cloud-based platform can enable businesses to integrate all its relevant compliance-based data and information into a single view enabling the standardisation and normalisation of the data.

How decentralising data supports GDPR best practice and protects against breaches

By analysing decentralised datasets it's possible for businesses to securely share data and generate insight from one or multiple data sources. Unlike Blockchain, access to the raw data is only given to the data controller.

AI has application in cyber-security but needs an ethical basis say Lords

AI needs to be representative of the community it serves. It should use established concepts: open data, ethics advisory boards, data protection legislation, new frameworks & mechanisms, such as data portability & data trusts.

Big data, not Big Brother: context tackles safeguarding in education IT

What is needed for online use analysis in safeguarding is context, and it's here that big data analytics and machine learning can help educators correlate activity with what we might know about the individuals engaging in it.

Writing authorisation policies to secure big data

Enforcing authorisation directly at the data level can be incredibly powerful as it could mean minimal or no changes to the applications that are accessing the data itself says Jonas Iggbom.

Threat hunting? Ditch the SIEM and use the principles of Big Data

The human is the most essential part of any security programme and they need frictionless ways to work with data, be more productive, secure their environments, and apply their own methods to their tools says Josh Mayfield.

Better decisions, fewer risks in a future world - deploying AI securely

The business world has been battered by successive waves of new technologies, but Sean Harrison-Smith says they need to take the risk now and deploy AI and big data for cyber-security as it may lead to fewer risks in the future.

Using big data in the battle against cyber-crime

Dale Kim discusses why large-scale analytics is the most valued tool in the fight against cyber-crime.

The Big Data Era for DDoS Protection Has Arrived

Avi Freedman discusses the use of big data and DDoS attacks

Automation: Why humanity is vital to managing robotic systems

Dik Vos explores how automation requires humanity and predictions on how the industry is set to change dramatically over the next ten years.

Blackhat EU: Breaking Big Data

Former intelligence officer David Venable gave a crowd at Blackhat EU 2016, a rundown of what big data, and bad data in the private sector could mean for your privacy.

Not OK - data on 70k OkCupid users exposed

A semi-private database consisting of the identities of 70,000 users of the dating website OkCupid was published on the internet as part of a university research paper.

Using big data to uncover Deviant Behaviour

Cyber-attacks are getting larger, faster and more diverse, making them increasingly complex to identify and mitigate. But at the same time, as Kate O'Flaherty reports, businesses are collecting vast amounts of security data - far too much for a human to analyse and turn into something useful

RSA: Securing Smart Cities - no turning back

Industry giant, Dr Taher Elgamal spoke at RSA's conference on his idle thoughts of the future of smart cities

Don't underestimate the idiots - monitoring behaviour on your network

How do we spot anomalous system behaviour on our networks that indicates a security breach? That was the theme of last week's SC Magazine UK roundtable aboard HMS President, sponsored by Splunk.

Big data offers cyber-attack early warning

Analysis of big data in real time provides a granularity of insight into normal network behaviour, allowing earlier identification of abnormal behaviour.

Avoid your data collection becoming 'creepy'

'Privacy and The Internet of things: How to Avoid Crossing The Creepy Line' at the 2015 Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit dealt with growing tension between the expanding capacity for data collection via the internet of things and the need to respect consumer privacy.

ICYMI: Big data leaking; Salesforce vulnerability; suppressed car hack; sound authentication and critical IE fix

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Big data leaking; Salesforce vulnerability patched; suppressed car hack; ambient sound authentication and critical IE fix.

Google facility in Europe loses data due to lightning strikes

After lightning struck a local utility grid, one of Google's European data centres suffered a power outage that led to "some" permanent data loss.

One petabyte of sensitive data exposed online in big data security gaff

Organisations failing to protect information within Big Data projects

Companies analysing loads of internal cyber-security data

Enterprise organisation employees asked what types of internal security data they collect, process and analyse daily.

Infosec Europe 2015 preview

Now in its 20th year, the event's theme is "Intelligent Security: Protect. Detect. Respond. Recover."

With a little help from my friends

Rapid expansion of the cyber-security sector has meant that government agencies and international professional organisations don't meet all of the industry's changing demands and it has often had to provide its own support infrastructure

Chrome extension, 'Password Alert,' to mitigate phishing attacks

Google has responded to the ongoing threat of phishing attacks with the release of a new browser extension, dubbed 'Password Alert.'

RSA 2015: Security in cloud undermined by poor credential management, says Charney

Despite the rush to the cloud, certificate authentication is still the Achilles' heel of the industry, according to Scott Charney, corporate vice president, Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft.

RSA 2015: Intel SVP looks to Moneyball story to inspire offensive strategies

At RSA Conference in San Francisco, Intel Security Group SVP and General Manager Christopher Young challenged the industry to write its own Moneyball story.