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Strengths: Comprehensive policy and vulnerability management in one product

Weaknesses: Licence installation could be streamlined and the management console could be a little more intuitive

Verdict: Solid product that needs a couple of tweaks in the ease of use department. For its strong performance and feature set we rate it Recommended

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BigFix Enterprise is a large full-scale suite that can be customised with several components above policy management-type components, including the security configuration and vulnerability management pack. This features real-time assessment, enforcement and remediation of endpoints to meet specific enterprise policies. It can manage endpoints both inside and outside the enterprise network providing comprehensive policy enforcement.

We found this product to be a fairly simple install. The deployment starts with installing the server components and the management console and then deploying the agents. The entire deployment process was quite straightforward but installing the licences and certificates could have been a little simpler. BigFix provides a licence file, which then has to be installed during the initial setup and there were several steps to set up the various licence settings. We feel this process could be more streamlined.

After the initial installation is complete all management and configuration is done through the management console application. This is a little overwhelming at first as it contains a lot of options all in one place.

The installation of the various packs provides several predefined policies, as well as patches and fixes for client machines. Figuring out how to deploy policy is a little tricky and it took us some time to really understand how to use it.

This product does provide a lot of functionality and flexibility packed into one central place.

BigFix offers a lot of documentation. The various guides are available on the support site in PDF format and range from installation manuals to administrator and configuration guides and everything in between. These are well organised and easy to follow, with many step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

Support includes no cost phone and email technical help and access to a customer portal with information about support case history and licence details. BigFix also offers upgrade support at an extra cost that provides options such as a dedicated contact and custom product support. There is also a massive support area on the website available to all customers that includes a knowledgebase, downloads and documentation.

This product does have a learning curve but overall it can be a very powerful policy management tool and is solid value for money.

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