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BiGuard S6000



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Strengths: Easy-to-use and manage multi-function SSL VPN

Weaknesses: Can be pricey if all you want is a VPN

Verdict: A solid product but lacking some of the features emerging into this market space

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BEC Technologies' BiGuard S6000 extends the network to the remote user with features such as Network Extender, Transport Extender, My Network Places and Application Proxy. Network Extender allows remote users to connect to network resources such as databases, while Transport Extender brings email directly to the user portal.

My Network Places allows users to access network file shares and the application proxy feature gives access to remote desktops or remote control protocols such as Telnet and SSH.

We found this product to be quite easy to use from setup through to management and configuration. The initial setup took just a few minutes and the product was up and running in the environment. We configured the appliance via the intuitive web-based GUI and had the portal up and configured with a basic setup in no time.

This appliance is all about plugging into the existing environment quickly and easily. The BiGuard can interface with an existing Active Directory structure for authentication, making login seamless and easy for users.

This product can also function as a full gateway device with a built-in firewall, router and intrusion detection.

Documentation provided with this product includes two user manuals. The administrator's guide contains in-depth setup and configuration information as well as feature descriptions. The second part of the documentation, the remote portal guide, is a short manual that goes into specifics on how to use and navigate portal features. Both manuals are well organised and contain many screenshots and examples.

The support offered for this product includes both phone and email assistance. Customers can also access a support site designed specifically for BiGuard. This site includes access to technical documentation, an FAQ section and firmware and product update downloads.

At a price of just over £4,000, we consider this product good value for money. The combination of a firewall, routing and an SSL VPN that can plug right into the network with little trouble make the BiGuard S6000 appliance a solid investment.