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£673 (server only, user licences and scanners additional)

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Strengths: Fully integrated biometric system that is easy to manage

Weaknesses: Documentation needs some work; price is for server only, cost of licences/hardware could make it pricey

Verdict: A competent enterprise-grade biometric product with good features

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The IDenium biometric system from Bio-Metrica provides a solid integrated platform for distributing biometric fingerprint logon for users in the enterprise environment.

The IDenium server integrates into Microsoft AD, Novell eDirectory and Citrix, providing great flexibility in deployment and user management.

Installation is straightforward. The install splash screen that comes up when the product CD is inserted has the steps organised in order of installation. First the Active Directory tool installs the necessary schema extensions for setting up users, and then the server is installed, followed by the admin pack. After installation of the server, client components are installed on the client machines. From here an administrator can work with the product directly in Active Directory and Microsoft Management Console.

This product plugs into the environment quite seamlessly. Once a user has been assigned to enrol from the server, they can simply launch the control panel application from the taskbar and follow the enrolment steps.

There is also a single sign-on application that is being developed for the product; this will allow users to integrate biometric logon more seamlessly across various other applications.

Documentation was quite disappointing and consists of a few html help files, which are quite unorganised and difficult to follow. However, we think with some organisation these help files could be quite useful, as they do include a few screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Bio-Metrica offers a free initial remote installation and configuration session, as well as maintenance and support for a period of 90 days from shipment date. After this, maintenance and support can be purchased at an annual price of 15 per cent of the system components.* There is also support on the website in the form of a knowledgebase, FAQ section and various downloads.

At a price of about £673 for the server components plus additional cost for user licences and the purchase of hardware, this product can quickly become quite expensive. We do find it does have some solid capability and integration options.

* In the US. Contact regional offices for local support details.