Biometric Data News, Articles and Updates

Mastercard plans to authenticate transactions using selfies

Mastercard plans to authenticate transactions using selfies and thumb-prints, in a bid to move away from traditional username and password authentication, and make the payment process as frictionless as possible.

Biometric authentication - are the Brits too trusting of biometric security?

André Malinowski discusses his view on how Britain is too trusting of biometric security

85% of Brits trust banks the most to offer biometric authentication

When it comes to the protection of their biometric data, British people are nearly twice as likely to trust banks (60 percent) than government agencies (33 percent) in doing so.

Barclays bank to identify customers by voice

Barclays bank is to begin identifying customers by voice recognition, representing the latest industry attempt to abolish passwords.

Biometric data: security and ease negate passwords, but is it private?

Compared to passwords, authentication through biometric data is simpler to use and can be much more secure.