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c£61.50 per licence

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Strengths: Fully integrated biometric logon for Windows networks

Weaknesses: Support is minimal

Verdict: Good features, easy to use and a good performer. With a slightly more affordable support package, it would be a top choice for logical access control

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Biometric Network Logon 2007 from Bayometric offers a fully integrated server/client-based system for Microsoft Windows networks. It allows for secure biometric finger and thumbprint workstation logon through the use of Microsoft Active Directory. However, if desired, it can also work in standalone mode for targeted logon with a single machine.

The product was quick to install and simple to configure. First, you install the server component on the Domain Controller and then add the appropriate user groups to Active Directory and install the services for the server.

After the server is installed, the client application can be distributed through a group policy software installation, which can be completely automated.

Configuration is just as simple, as users are configured by adding them to the appropriate group and setting them to enrol on the next logon. A quick wizard will guide first-time users.

User group templates are provided to accommodate various logon types. Users can be set to authenticate through the use of fingerprint and username, fingerprint only, or fingerprint, username and password.

Documentation is provided as a few html help files that are simple but effective. The server file describes how to start the service and configure various service settings.

The admin file shows how to configure the user groups and to customise the application for the environment. The client file describes how to deploy the client application using group policy.

We would have liked to see a quick-start guide providing an outline of the procedures for installation and deployment.

Bayometric offers free email support to customers, as well as case-by-case phone support for a monthly fee that is based on the type of support needed. Customers can also purchase customisation options for the product. There is a small support area available on the website, but very little of it applies to this product specifically.

At just over c£60 per user licence before the hardware, the product can become expensive for large environments. We find it to be good value for money and it provides a solid seamless integration into the network.

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