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Rise in use of biometrics products for cyber-security, report predicts

As fraud rises, a new report has revealed that biometric-based authentication is set to become more prevalent in the UK.

Mastercard plans to authenticate transactions using selfies

Mastercard plans to authenticate transactions using selfies and thumb-prints, in a bid to move away from traditional username and password authentication, and make the payment process as frictionless as possible.

Barclays bank to identify customers by voice

Barclays bank is to begin identifying customers by voice recognition, representing the latest industry attempt to abolish passwords.

ICYMI: US team 0days iCloud photos; SC Awards Finalists; Amex breach; Biometrics weak for banking

This week, biometrics isn't quite up to scratch for banking, Amex breached and SC Magazine UK released its finalists for the upcoming 2016 awards.

Starbug's in your eyes: German hacker spoofs iris recognition

A German hacker who rose to fame after hacking Apple's TouchID has revealed a method where iris images taken from a distance with a high-resolution camera can be recreated with a laser printer.

Roundtable: Identity and access management

The SC Magazine UK roundtable convened with several industry experts to talk about the issues surround identity and access management

Fingerprints only ever part of the solution, whether Android or Apple investigates the real value of biometric IDs, particularly fingerprints, on smartphones.

Can Eyeprint 'selfies' replace hardware tokens?

Eyeprints - of veins in the white, not the iris of an eye - captured via selfie are another biometric option for 2-factor security, but concerns about the implications of compromise remain.

French continue with IT security projects in Russia

A leading French security company plans to continue its work in the Russian market, despite the Western sanctions imposed against the country.

Brain patterns used for biometric id

Differences in brain patterns allow a computer to currently achieve 94 percent accuracy in identification, but a lot more work is needed to make it a security id option.

Fujitsu adds iris scanning to smartphone biometrics

Smartphone users could be offered a new way to protect their devices. Fujitsu is set to introduce iris-scanning technology for phones as an alternative security measure.

Fingerprint technology far from foolproof for banking apps

A new approach to mobile user protection should focus on self-defending apps that provide an integrated, dedicated and secure solution to cyber-crime threats suggests Tom Lysemose Hansen

RBS and NatWest to let mobile customers sign-in with biometrics

The gradual shift to biometric authentication continues with the news that two UK banks will allow customers to sign-in to their accounts by using Apple iPhone's fingerprint recognition technology.

Face to Facebook

As DeepFace facial recognition rolls out on Facebook its still unclear exactly what the privacy implications may be.

In defence of the humble password

The problem with passwords, is users says Francois Amigorena, and overcoming user-error can make passwords fit for purpose once again.

Tech experts want new UK data protection law for biometrics

A panel compromising the former head of GCHQ, leading scientists and privacy rights campaigners raised concerns over the use of biometrics at a government committee meeting earlier this week.

How the threat landscape challenges authentication - old and new

The growing cyber-threat landscape poses some awkward questions for present and future authentication methods, argues Barry Scott.

Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner still hackable says Lookout

Touch fingerprint ID: still hackable on the iPhone 6 and not noticably more secure.

FBI's facial and fingerprint super-database goes live

The FBI: we have your facial and fingerprint templates on file...

The new rise of biometrics

Biometric id options need appropriate mobile computing support to ensure that they too are not compromised says Jon Geater.

Biometric data collection sparks privacy debate

You could be implicated as a criminal suspect, just by virtue of having that image in the non-criminal file, says the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner 'easily hacked'

Single step authentication on Galaxy leaves PayPal accounts open to abuse say German researchers.


There are better paths to authentication than passwords, primarily using multifactor and biometric tools, says Peter Stephenson.

Tech Goliath vs. innovative and secure David

Is the introduction of new technologies adding to security, or undermining it, asks Toby Flaxman, Senior Technical Security Consultant, IRM plc

Nok Nok Labs: Security begins with authentication, but you cannot bring your own server to work

People would not expect to bring a server to work, yet the concept of 'bring your own device' (BYOD) is about taking authentication home with you.