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Facing the future: What the introduction of Face ID means for corporate security

30,000 infrared dots called 'True Depth' build a map of an individual's face so Face ID can claim a 1 in 1,000,000 rate of error but its not infallible; biometric authentication should be used in combination with other forms of authentication.

Millennial habits may bring an end to the password era

Millennials use passwords less than others and as they come to dominate the workforce, their online authentication habits impact the way employers and technology companies provide access to devices and applications.

Letter to the Editor: Biometrics misunderstood - causes death by starvation

Indian woman dies of starvation because of failures in system for biometric authentication for rations; her status is wrongly changed, unknown to victim who then receives reduced rations.

Biometrics as additional access route weaker than password-only protection

A society where identity authentication is allowed without users' volition would be a society where democracy is dead. The password as memorised secret is absolutely necessary says Hitoshi Kokumai.

Is voice biometrics the key to safer authentication?

For voice biometrics to become a cross-industry security standard, there is a greater need for a more advanced and robust solution says Nick Gaubitch.

"Smarter" authentication has arrived - with behavioural biometrics

Smart devices demand smart authentication, with frictionless security in the background, not impacting usability - and behavioural biometrics is one option that may be able to deliver suggests David Vergara.

'Killing the password' is 'killing democracy'. Don't let it happen.

A society where login without users' volition is allowed would be a society where democracy is dead says Hitoshi Kokumai

Nuance says that biometrics have reached their "coming of age"

The biometrics firm argues that the issues with biometrics often cloud over the benefits gained from using them.

Iris scanner of Samsung Galaxy S8 hacked with simple cheat

The German Chaos Computer Club (CCC) hackers has found a way to cheat the biometric verification safety feature found on the Samsung Galaxy S8

2017 authentication trends - getting beyond first base identification

Raz Rafaeli looks at top trends that can be expected in authentication this year and what it means practically for organisations and individual users.

Microsoft Pen Authentication: do we need yet more biometric tech?

As Microsoft files a patent for secure user authentication using a stylus, SC Media UK asks if the world needs yet more biometric security?

Intuitive image-based passwords - succeeding text-based passwords

Biometrics should be used with another authentication factor and needs to depend on passwords as a recovery mechanism says Hitoshi Kokumai, thus other alternatives to text passwords are needed - such as images.

Why biometric id won't mean the death of the traditional password

Biometric identification might be the latest weapon in the cyber-security battle, but it is not without risk. Lee Painter argues that those risks mean the traditional password won't be disappearing any time soon.

McDonald's adding biometrics-based access management to its menu?

McDonald's has been tinkering with the idea of using biometrics to manage employee access to corporate systems inside its retail locations, said a McDonald's corporate manager at SC Congress Chicago on Thursday.

Security concerns are inhibiting mobile payment adoption worldwide

More than half of global consumers believe mobile wallets are less secure than cash, but nearly 60 percent of executives say mobile money will build their business because it's safe.

Biometric authentication - are the Brits too trusting of biometric security?

André Malinowski discusses his view on how Britain is too trusting of biometric security

Letter to the Editor: Biometrics - does it strengthen or weaken security?

Biometrics can actually weaken authentication security if not implemented correctly says Hitoshi Kokumai, who asks, what exactly does the NIST Authentication Guideline have to say on this issue?

What Hollywood has taught us about biometric hacking

Tony Anscombe says biometric identification is becoming the security measure of choice for a growing number of companies.

ICYMI: UAE VPN ban; Malvertising; Voice recognition, US drops SMS; Bitcoins stolen

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at UAE's VPN ban; Hidden malvertising; Bank voice recognition; US drops SMS -2F; Bitcoins stolen.

HID Global releases mid-year updates for top security trends in 2016

A mid-year update to HID's top 2016 security trends has been released. During the first six month's of the year, HID stated continued progression in market adoption of mobile solutions and interest in the Internet of Things (IoT).

68% of Europeans want to use biometric authentication for payments

Over two thirds (68 percent) of consumers across Europe are interested in using biometrics when making a payment, especially when integrated with other security measures.

Biometrics or a password?

Tony Anscombe asks, which is more secure, the password or biometrics?

US judge compels woman to provide fingerprint to open Apple iPhone

The FBI recently pressed for a 29-year-old Los Angeles woman to provide her fingerprint to open her phone after she was sentenced in an identity theft case.

Biometrically challenged: three-factor authentication systems too weak for web banking

Despite new adoptions by RBS and Natwest, even three factor authentication may not be enough to adequately defend online banking against attackers according to experts

Inkjet can spoof mobile fingerprint security

Two researchers at Michigan State University have succesfully spoofed security on two models of smartphone using a mere inkjet printer.

Chinese clay clones at MWC can't give biometrics the finger

From HSBC's new voice recognition access to the now ubiquitous finger print readers, biometrics promise greater levels of security - but are often more about delivering a satisfying user-experience reports Davey Winder.

HSBC and First Direct rolling out biometrics to retail customers

The rollout of fingerprint ID and voice recognition to authenticate customers' is a step change in online security but won't solve all our cyber problems.

How vulnerable is the fingerprint scanner on your phone?

There are legal issues and technical vulnerabilties aound the use of fingerprint scanners on mobiles, hence, Anthony Neary says, it is vital to have a mix of solutions which enable maximum possible security.

Facial recognition: a solution to the need for stronger security?

Lee Munson describes how facial recognition could be the future of stronger security via Windows 10.