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Strengths: Reader and management station easy to set up; simple user enrolment

Weaknesses: No integration for second factor authentication, such as smart or prox cards

Verdict: Solid for physical access control, but lacks a second factor

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The V-Pass FX is a small fingerprint scanner that allows users to control access to facilities using biometrics. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with an external Wiegand reader.

This small device provides simple, biometric access control using the FVC 2002 and 2004 algorithms, and it can be deployed anywhere in the environment.

The scanner is easy to set up and simple to use. Initial installation is via a two-step process. First, you need to install the cabling for the reader and the drivers on to the management station. The second step is to install the VeriAdmin software on the management station, which can be running Windows XP or Windows Server.

Once the reader was connected, we ran the VeriAdmin software and connected to the device. From there, we could register users using one of two modes: Quick Enrol or Advanced Enrol.

This product performed quite well during our testing process. We found it easy to enrol user fingerprints, and the fingerprint templates can be stored locally on the reader itself or on the management station.

The system also rates the quality of the scanned fingerprint, so administrators can be sure that a user has been enrolled accurately, which leaves less chance of false positives or negatives.

Several PDF documents are contained on an accompanying CD. These include quick-start tips, an installation guide and an operations manual. The quick-start guide contains all of the basic initial set-up and wiring information for the reader itself.

Bioscrypt offers two basic levels of support, which can be obtained either per incident or via a standard support plan. Both of these options include technical support via phone and email during core business hours.

There is also a separate support section on the website that contains product documentation, enrolment tips and a FAQ section.

If you are looking for simple, biometric access control to secured areas, this product offers good value for money, at a price of c£569 per scanner. It is not only cost-effective, but also easy to manage and administer.

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