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Strengths: Strong biometric security for restricted areas at an affordable price

Weaknesses: Nothing we came across

Verdict: For physical access control, this is a very strong product

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Bioscrypt's V-Station is designed to provide biometric protection for physical access to areas of a building or a room. This product features not only biometric authentication but also requires users to input a specific ID number. Finally, the V-Station can be equipped with an optional integrated proximity or contactless smart-card reader.

This product was easy to use from the moment we pulled it out of the box. Deployment took just minutes, consisting of only a few simple steps. After we installed the administration software, a driver for the device and a few quick configurations, we were enrolling users effortlessly. The enrollment process is also quite simple and can be done at two levels: quick or advanced.

Advanced enrollment takes a little bit longer, but offers more security options. The management interface for this product is also intuitive to use and easy to navigate.

We found this product's functionality and flexibility added to its overall performance. The management application keeps and manages its own lightweight database, so there is no large system overhead and information can be pushed easily to readers with the click of a button. This device can also be connected in to an environment via RS 232, RS 485 and Ethernet communications, giving it deployment flexibility.

Documentation comes as two PDF guides. One is the installation guide, which lays out installation of the admin console, the device, and configuration of the device in clear and easy to follow steps. The other guide is an operator's manual that nicely details use and operation of the device and administration application. Both documents also include many screenshots and figures for further explanation.

As before, support for this product is offered both by phone and email. There is also a support section on the website with downloads, documentation, FAQs and enrollment tips.

At a cost of just over £1,000, this tool offers the ability of having biometric access control to restricted areas within reach of almost any enterprise. Its low price combined with simple management and easy enrollment make it great value for money.

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