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£4,185 for camera and software

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Strengths: With easy installation and management, this solution offers facial recognition at a good value

Weaknesses: Nothing we found during this test

Verdict: A versatile, competent facial recognition system with loads of features

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This product features access control based on facial recognition rather than fingerprints. We found this to be an interesting product to work with that turned up some intriguing features.

The camera itself is capable of providing not only the 3-D image of a facial scan, but also a 2-D image that can be used for badges or put into a library for other reference purposes. Another notable feature of this product is the ability to use the same 3-D image for both physical and logical access. This means excellent deployment flexibility for almost any situation.

This solution was quite easy to use from the box all the way through setup and enrollment. The setup consisted of two parts. First comes the installation of the EnrolCam, followed by the installation of the enrollment application. The camera took just seconds to plug in and load the drivers. The application was equally as quick and installation is guided by a setup wizard. Once the camera and application were in, enrollment of users was quick, taking just a few seconds.

This product uses its own onboard database for storing and managing users, so it is lightweight and non-intrusive. The camera is also great in the area of performance as it uses infrared and, therefore, can work in any light. This, combined with the ability to read a face from three to six feet away with a quick glance, makes this a solid product.

Documentation for this tool is in two small PDF documents. The first assists in the installation of the camera itself, the other is for the installation of the application. We found the documentation to be very complete and easy to read. Steps are nicely detailed and illustrated with pictures and screenshots.

Support for this product, as with other Bioscript products, is offered both by phone and email. There is also a support section on the website with downloads, documentation, FAQs and enrollment tips.

At £4,185 for the camera and software, this product may seem expensive, but the other side of the ledger is that it offers solid facial recognition security that is easy to use and manage.

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