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Biscom Delivery Server 4





£3,200 for 25 senders

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Strengths: Very easy to implement into any environment. SDK available to integrate with custom applications

Weaknesses: HTTPS and email are the only transfer options out of the box

Verdict: Attractive price point and centralised administration make this a very solid product

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Biscom Delivery Server 4 is a web-based secure file transfer server that uses HTTPS and email capabilities to secure transactions. It can be installed on a number of operating systems and compatible web servers, including Windows 2003 and several versions of Linux. It is also available as a VMware image, which is what we used for our testing. The VMware image contains an Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Installation using the VMware image was very easy and our virtual server was up and running within just a few minutes. If installing on your own systems you will need to plan accordingly for using IIS or Apache, as well as choosing a backend database architecture. Overall, we were pleased with how easy it was to set up.

Biscom Delivery Server 4 is simply a web server and delivers all file transfers via HTTPS using a web browser. Customers who do not have any out of the box SSH, FTP or specific file transfer needs outside of using browser-based transfers will find it a great fit.

Administration and controlling user policies, permissions and overall management of the product is a breeze. From a functional perspective end-users can self-enrol on the server and allow particular recipients to exchange files with them via the web server. Users can push files securely to the server and any number of recipients can retrieve them after registering.

The product integrates with Active Directory for each user authentication and supports SMTP notifications and file transfers using any number of Microsoft Outlook clients. The underlying infrastructure of the file structure is encrypted using AES in order to ensure the Delivery Server's integrity and confidentiality. Centralised web-based administration and other useful administrative functions are available on the software. Lastly, the solution comes with an SDK to extend the functionality to other custom applications.

The product's overall documentation is very useful and contains just the right amount of information. Basic 8/5 email and phone support is available at 20 per cent of the licence cost. No other support options were listed and the site does not have a customer portal, knowledgebase or FAQs section.