Bit9 has announced the launch of connectors for Palo Alto Networks and FireEye, providing real-time endpoint and network security.

According to Bit9, the Connector for Palo Alto Networks integrates with the next-generation firewalls and the cloud-based advanced persistent threat (APT) prevention service WildFire.

The connector will send alerts to correlate analysis with Bit9's real-time and recorded endpoint and server data to confirm the location, scope and severity of the threat on endpoints and servers.

The company said that this enables security teams to prioritise network alerts based on how many machines have been infected and if the malware has executed, investigate the scope of threats using the recorded details of every endpoint and server to trace the root cause and progression of the attack and remediate endpoints and servers by knowing precisely which machines are impacted and need attention.

Brian Hazzard, vice president of product management at Bit9, said: “Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and stopping them requires innovation. Legacy anti-virus solutions can't stop these advanced threats.

“Our customers asked us to deliver a solution that effectively integrates Palo Alto Networks with our next-generation endpoint and server security. Now security teams can prioritise Palo Alto Networks alerts and investigate events in minutes.”

Additionally, the Bit9 Connector for FireEye correlates detonation results after they are automatically detonated and analysed to confirm the location, scope and severity of the threat on endpoints and servers.

Hazzard said: “The Bit9 Connector for FireEye is a game-changer – no other product combination can automatically retrieve any new file arriving on any endpoint or server and submit it to FireEye for analysis and then automatically ensure it can never execute again in their enterprise. This represents the next generation of endpoint and server security.”