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Bitcoin's booming valuation is helping attract more cybercriminals

The skyrocketing value of bitcoin and Ethereum has certainly has given cyber-criminals one more good reason to focus their efforts in this area.

Fake bank transfer emails found to be stealing bitcoins and passwords

The emails were discovered by security firm Cyren who says the malware especially focuses on FTP and web browsing software and other software that could have credential information.

Hackers have stolen £49 million worth of bitcoins

£49 million worth of Bitcoins have been stolen from Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange causing the price of Bitcoin to drop, and thus shaking confidence in the Bitcoin space.

Deal with the devil: Ransomware experiment proves you can negotiate price down

Ironically, the cyber-criminals holding your computer files for ransom may be offering you a better customer experience than your average cable provider or insurance company.

Darktrace boss says we are living in a "golden age of criminality"

Darktrace's CTO, Dave Palmer, says that while ransomware is on the rise and law enforcement can do very little to help, we are living in a "golden age of criminality".

Ransomware created using only JavaScript discovered

Security researchers have unearthed new ransomware that has been created only using JavaScript.