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BitDefender Client Security 3.1.8





£266.33 for ten computers, one-year subscription

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Strengths: Strong AV solution, good management of registry, WMI scripting

Weaknesses: User interface is strong, but requires some time to navigate

Verdict: A complete malware solution, but requires time to set up and manage, if real-time protection is the goal

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BitDefender Client Security 3.1.8 consists of the central Management Server and the Business Client, the software that protects the endpoints.

It includes the Management Console, a UI that consolidates threat information and system status; and the Management Agent, installed on the managed computer to communicate to the Management Server.

BitDefender Client Security is a robust business security and management solution that delivers proactive protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, Trojan threats, phishing etc.

The server-side software load was automated and included the loading of the required MS SQL Express database and crystal reports for .Net Framework 2.0. Once loaded, the application is launched from the programs toolbar. The user interface adopts a tree-based, menu-driven navigation for configuration and management. The console took some time to work through.

The configuration of the remote stations was done through the management console. There were three options for deploying remote agents: Active Directory, network builder (network discovery) and a deployment tool utility, which is what we tested.

The dashboard for managing the systems was easy to use, readily identifying any policy or out-of-compliance issues.

Centralised reports from all managed computers are available in the Management Console. Predefined reports include malware activity, engines and signatures, product updates and installed software. Using the crystal reports, you can create any report you like. Email alerting is available and configurable.

New features include: b-have, a technology for analysing behaviour of malicious code inside a virtual computer, so increasing detection rates for unknown malware; an anti-spam filter that uses a neural network to more intelligently recognise new spam; and an image spam filter that offers more accurate analysing of imbedded images.

It delivers a lot of capabilities, but takes time to correctly deploy, tune and manage.

Support is limited to eight hours a day, five days a week, which may be an issue in an enterprise deployment.

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