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Black Hat Asia: In the era of 'trust attacks', what can we trust now?

Cyber-attacks, phishing and malware is creating a culture of mistrust, according to a speaker from Darktrace at Black Hat Asia. Nothing can be trusted nor wished away.

76% of security pros believe threat intelligence should be shared

Many security professionals believe that they have a moral responsibility to share threat intelligence

Survey: Hackers believe strongly in privacy... unless they're paid to crack passwords

Four out of five surveyed hackers agreed that Apple was right to refuse the FBI's request for a backdoor into the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. Yet 52 percent said they would help the FBI crack an iPhone's password for a fee.

Pen-testing made easy with Datasploit social engineering toolset

GUI friendly social-engineering toolset made available as open source software - great for penetration testing, not bad for criminals either.

Black Hat Las Vegas: Miller, Valasek unveil new attack, retire from car hacking

Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller hung up their car hacking spikes Friday at Black Hat announcing at the end of their presentation that they were moving on, but not before revealing a few more vulnerabilities in a Jeep Cherokee.

Black Hat Las Vegas: NATO cyber ambassador reflects on cyberwar ethics

NATO's recent proclamation that cyberspace is an official domain of warfare, along with Russia's reported cyberaggressions against the U.S. and Ukraine, raises interesting questions about how one can responsibly manage cyberwarfare.

Black Hat Las Vegas: MasterCard workers go "phishing" for malware

At Black Hat, MasterCard CSO Ron Green touted his company's latest effort to fight malware.

Black Hat Las Vegas: Point-of-sale experts bypass security measures in popular PIN pad, including EMV protections

After physically demonstrating how to hijack retail point-of-sale transactions - including those using EMV-standard chip cards - two security experts from NCR Corporation offered attendees at Black Hat critical tips on preventing such incidents in real life.

Panasonic Avionics kicking off bug bounty programme

Panasonic Avionics Corporation developed a bug bounty programme through HackerOne.

Cyber-security ethics: the ex-hacker employment conundrum

The hiring of a former Lulzsec hacker by a respected cyber-security company has raised some interesting questions as to the role of former black hats in the white hat's world.

Insiders pose greater threat to businesses than outsiders

The Insider Threat is the most dangerous way to gain inside access to sensitive information.

Black Hat Amsterdam: Oil & Gas cyber-vulnerabilities

There is no air gap between IT and OT that was the key message for oil and gas sector CISOs coming out of the Black Hat Amsterdam talk by Alexander Polyakov and Mathieu Geli

Black Hat Europe: Researchers demonstrate how to bypass LTE/4G security

The latest threat to mobile phones is LTE/4G hacking but is the threat, being demonstrated at Black Hat Europe this week, something to be concerned about now?

Google Nest hacked 'in 15 seconds' as reality bites for Internet of Things

Security researchers quickly rooted Google's Nest at Black Hat over the weekend, with one describing the internet-connected thermostat as a "computer you cannot patch".

Black Hat reports: Lurk Downloader & cryptocurrency mining hijacker

During Black Hat Dell SecureWorks' threat reports included details on its research into the Lurk Downloader and hijacking attempts on large hosting companies' networks.

ICYMI: Black Hat news, biggest breach ever & figures to take to the CEO

This week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) highlights from the Black Hat conference, and reaction to the 'biggest data breach ever'.

The 5 most read articles this week: August 1-7

Here are the five most popular articles, as read by you, the reader, in the week for August 1 to 7.

2 billion mobile devices vulnerable: Black Hat report

Up to two billion mobile devices could have hiddent controls according to a Black Hat conference report.

Security researcher to demo airplane Wi-Fi hack

IOActive security researcher Ruben Santamarta claims to have figured out how to hack the satellite communication equipment on airplanes, by infiltrating on-board Wi-Fi and entertainment systems.